Wednesday Currently Vol. 06

Happy Fiesta Malibay. Today’s the feast of San Juan Nepomuceno, the patron Saint of my hometown. It’s hella fun out here. Band kids everywhere coming from other cities. There would be a show-off tonight between these bands and we’re gonna see who’s the best among the rest. Pagalingan, pasiklaban, palakasan ng appeal. Yan ang mangyayari mamaya. It will be held in plaza and it’s ten blocks away from us and I’m too lazy, I might pass from this one.

What I really like from this fiesta, the whole neighborhood shares their food prepared for the feast. Umaga palang, may kakatok na ng pintuan ng bahay niyo at makakatanggap ka ng pagkain. Kaya nga busog na busog ako ngayon e. We just prepared a simple menu for today’s occasion. Menudo, pasta, fruits (mango and banana), sandwiches, leche flan and ube halaya. Then yung mga binigay samin kanina coming from our beloved neighbors, palabok, kare kare and macaroni salad.

I also love the palarong pambansa (I’m not really sure if I called it right), of every streets. Malibay is a long-ass street and it’s a smaller version of palengke (local market) and it’s called talipapa. And from each side of this street, there are also smaller version of street called eskinita. Then there are games conducted on each of these eskinitas. There’s a near eskinita from our place and from which we used to lived in, I visited to come see my cousins and “maki-fiesta” with them. I played basagan palayok which is the Filipino version of piñata, but instead of using paper mache, we’re using pottery because we Filipinos are born savages. LMAO! Anyway, kidding aside. Aside from this, we also played sack race, and teamwork based game, sipa and we won that game luckily lol.

There are a lot of events going on as I write this entry. I will check them out a little later. My uncle and his wife together with my lil cousin visited us all the way from Laguna. Nakiki-fiesta sila kahit fiesta din sa kanila doon sa Magdalena dahil daw mas masaya dito. Can’t blame them, the more the merrier nga naman. I’m very happy because they came a long way just to celebrate with us.



A text message from Kuya Renz inviting me to join their boodle fight tonight. Goodbye diet. You will be missed.


Wednesday currently entry 6 not only because I want to share how’s the fiesta out here, but this is one way to use my brain and speed up my digestion. I’m so full lol.


Sa banda sa labas, may mga umiikot padin. All the band’s precision and discipline creates a harmonious music, pleasant to your ears.


Goodluck, madaming hugasin mamaya LMAO!


My perfume. I might have sprayed too much.


That you, yes you, the one who’s reading this, I wish that your wish may come true.


To have better results with my work out. I want to build muscle, not fats LOL  😀


Plain white shirt, black sweat shorts and my white Adidas cap.


The whole festival experience. I love fiestas. They’re so much fun, better than walwalan.


To hit the gym as early as possible tomorrow.


To get one bot of pale. Okay I might not do that actually, beer belly’s start pop out. Better prevent that. But one bot won’t hurt yeah? Okay I’m confused now.



What a day. I really love days like this. Festivals, feasts and whatever occasion that brings out the “child” within each and everyone of us. Choose to be happy always. A day’s wasted if you spend it on loneliness.



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